Gameday Schedule

Time to walk to the stadium to see the Eagles play football!  

Headhouse Plaza opens at 1:00 PM

Inner Stadium Gates open at 2:30 PM

First, I go through security

Then I show security my ticket to enter

If I am hungry or thirsty, I can buy food or drink from concession stands

At 3:55 PM, a firework noise tells me I should go inside the concourse

I can start walking to my seat

Then I listen for fireworks and the National Anthem at 4:35 PM

Time for me to enjoy the game at 4:40 PM!

If it starts to get too loud, I can visit guest services for a sensory bag with headphones, ear plugs and fidget toys

There are four guest services in the stadium

If I need a break away from the noise or crowd I can go to the sensory room in the Lower Suites

Let's have some fun and Go Eagles!